Research Scientist – PET Physicist
phone: 6048227149


Dr. Ju-Chieh (Kevin) Cheng is the PET physicist of the UBC PET imaging group. He is responsible for the operation, calibration, and maintenance of the human PET scanners at the centre. Kevin has a great deal of experience in working with both small animal and human PET scanners as well as clinical PET/MR systems.




PET images are typically noisy and have poor precision/reproducibility especially in dynamic imaging where the data are divided into a number of frames with short scan durations. Improving precision in PET is extremely important as detection of small changes in functional activity due to interventions/drug delivery requires highly reproducible and accurate information extracted from PET images. Conventional methods typically achieve noise reduction at the cost of accuracy. My research centers around improving the quantitative accuracy, reproducibility, and efficiency of PET and hybrid PET/MR image reconstructions. My current focus is on de-noising within the image reconstruction task, which achieves noise reduction and improves the precision or reproducibility of spatiotemporal features in the reconstructed images without sacrificing accuracy.