Welcome to the UBC PET Imaging Research Centre

The centre operates five scanners dedicated entirely to research.  


Coming in 2018

Siemens HRRT PET scanner

The high resolution research tomograph (HRRT, CTI/Siemens) is a positron emission tomography (PET) scanner dedicated to human brain scanning. It has resolution of 1.4 mm using point spread function modeling (PSF). This high resolution makes it ideal for neurology studies.

GE Advance NxiPET scanner

The Advance Nxi PET system is optimized for routine 2D and 3D clinical studies.

microPET Focus 120 scanner

The microPET Focus 120 scanner is a third-generation animal PET scanner dedicated to rodent imaging.


MILabs simultaneous sub-mm PET-SPECT provides highly quantitative images with unprecedented high and uniform resolution, even of several tracers imaged simultaneously.