Preparing for your PET-MRI scan

Each study has its own requirements regarding research subjects, dietary restriction and drug intervention. These requirements will be communicated with you by the investigator or study staff. General requirements for your participation in the imaging studies are described below.

Scheduled Appointment:

  • Please arrive 30 mins prior to your appointment time.
  • You will be required to fill out a MR screening form upon arrival.
  • You will have to change into hospital clothes upon arriving for your appointment and remove any metal accessories (watches, jewelry, hair clips and bras with metal hooks).
  • Cotton/Poly blend undergarments and socks can be worn (no undergarments or socks made by sportswear manufacturers or anti-microbial fabrics may be worn).
  • You must remove ALL piercings(regardless of type of metal and location), dentures, and removable bridges.
  • For brain scans, please do not wear eye make-up or have wet hair.
  • Scented products (perfume, cologne, after shave, aromatherapy, hair spray, etc) will cause allergic reactions, including severe respiratory distress, in those with hypersensitivities. For the safety of our staff and other patients we ask that you do not apply any scented body products on the day of your appointment. Also, if you are being accompanied, please ask your guests to refrain from wearing scented products.

MRI Safety Reminder

The most important part of preparing for your MRI scan is ensuring your safety. If you have any surgical implants these may be affected by the strong magnetic fields used in the MRI process. Most implants are not affected by MRI, but if you have any of the following you will not be able to participate in the MRI study:

  • Electronic implant including cardiac Pacemaker, Defibrillator, or wires from a electronic implant that has been removed.
  • Metal fragment in eye or orbit.
  • Steel brain aneurysm clip.
  • Breast Tissue Expander.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Stainless steel intrauterine device (IUD).
  • In the 6 weeks prior to your MRI appointment: surgery or tattooing(including makeup tattoos)

If you have any of the following,  you MAY not be able to participate in the MR study. Please contact the study coordinator if you have any of these contradictions:

  • Artificial heart valve
  • Ear implant
  • Eye implant, eyelid spring or wire
  • Implanted drug infusion pump
  • Brain aneurysm clip, titanium
  • Electrical stimulator for nerves or bones
  • Coil, catheter or filter in any blood vessel
  • Orthopedic hardware (artificial joint, plate, screws, rods)
  • Other metallic prostheses
  • Shrapnel, bullets, or other metallic fragments
  • In the 6 weeks prior to your MRI appointment: medical procedure (including endoscopy, some biopsies)