Starting a new MRI-only or PET-MRI Study on the GE SIGNA PETMR scanner

How do I apply for a new MRI or PET-MRI imaging study on the GE SIGNA PETMR scanner?

  • Fill the new study planning form and/or contact UBC PET/MRI manager to discuss the feasibility of conducting your study, study protocols and tracers available to you.

  • Download and fill the PET/MRI New Study Planning document. Submit the completed document to .

    • If assistance is required in filling this form or with your ethics application, please contact UBC PET/MRI manager.
    • The Health Canada guidance document and application form for Authorization of Positron-emitting Radiopharmaceuticals for Use in Basic Clinical Research Studies can be found here
    • Please note that for studies with more than 30 subjects additional justification is required during the submission process. Health Canada may request a full CTA application for studies with more than 30 subjects if the justification is deemed insufficient/inappropriate.
  • Apply for UBC Ethics and health Canada approval. It is recommended that you include the text for the  into your ethics application and consent forms.

What happens Next?