Starting a Study on microPET

How do I apply for a study in µPET Focus 120?

  1. Contact UBC PET/MRI facility staff to discuss the feasibility of conducting your study, study protocols and tracers available to you.

  2. Submit a µPET Study Proposal form to us at .

  3. Apply for UBC Ethics and animal care committee approval.

What happens Next?

  1. Once your study has been reviewed and approved by the PET Committee the following paperwork must be submitted before the first scan can be scheduled.

    1. Approval from the UBC Animal Care Committee

      • Please submit the current COA (Certificate of Approval) and a full copy of the application.

    2. Proof of completion of the UBC Radiation Safety Course for all study staff who will be present during scanning.

      • Please submit the course certificate.

    3. Proof of completion of any relevant Animal Care courses for all study staff who will be involved in animal handling/care during scanning.

      • Please submit the relevant course certificates. These may include the CCAC Ethics Course (mandatory), Biology and Husbandry of the Laboratory Rodent, and Anaesthesia of the Laboratory Rodent.

  2. Once we have received these documents and the study is approved, the study may begin.

  3. You must carefully read µPET users responsibilities form. The Principal Investigator of the proposed study is responsible for understanding and enforcing these requirements and must indicate this understanding on the Project Proposal form.